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  The Castle Křivoklát

The Castl KřivoklátPresent appearance of this castle dates from around 1500, when the castle was remodelled by the architects of Vladislav Jagiello. The Coronation of Our Lady Chapel is a unique example of the central European late Gothic style. Later on the castle was damaged by fire and converted into a notorious prison. Its last owners, the Fürstenbergs (who were to own the seat until 1929) had it renovated. Visitors to the castle will be attracted by the Royal and Knights‘ Hall, the library (boasting more than 50 thousand volumes), the Fürstenberg Museum and Picture Gallery, the dungeons, the ill-famed prisons with instruments of torture, the monumental Large Tower with hunting trophies, the Huderka Tower with a black kitchen and the observation terrace.

   The Křivoklátsko Protected Landscape Area

The Křivoklátsko Protected Landscape Area
This former royal hunting ground forms the core of a protected area which – thanks to its unspoilt nature - was designated a UNESCO biospheric reserve. The majority of the area is covered by deciduous and mixed forest abundant in red deer and black game. The River Berounka, a much sought-after destination of fishing, camping and boating enthusiasts, forces its way through a deep canyon extending across the central part of the region. Administering the Křivoklát area from Křivoklát Castle for two centuries, the Fürstenberg noble family, among others, deserved credit for the protection of the region. Visitors to the western part of the area will certainly be enchanted by the small Skryjská lakes, where the Zbiroh Stream created a waterfall and an expanse of water. Rich in fossils, the rocks near Skryje attracted the attention of J. Barrande, a civil engineer and palaeontologist famous for his works. The majestic ruins of Týřov recall one of the oldest Czech castles founded by Wenceslas I. The steep slopes of the Nezabudice Rocks above the Berounka near Roztokyprovide a habitat for most of the local species of reptile. There are spectacular views of the Křivoklát forests and the towns of Beroun and Králův Dvůr from a rock formation called Vraní skála. The rock is a favourite destination of rock climbing enthusiasts and others. The site called U Eremita    will surprise you with a profusion of state-protected yew trees. Perhaps the warmest tribute to the Křivoklát area can be found in the works of the writer Ota Pavel.
   information source  ACR Alfa s.r.o.