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St. Bartholomew Curch in Rakovník with the BelfryThe Royal Town Rakovník

The royal town Rakovník is situated 56 km to the west of Prague. The original market settlement,  first mentioned in 1252, belonged to the castle Křivoklát. The settlement received the privileges of a town from Wenceslas II in 1286, and obtained the title of royal town from emperor Rudolph II  on 27th July 1588.

Rakovník today

Rakovník is the administrative, industrial, business and cultural centre of the district with plenty of  historical sights.  You could visit here e.g. the Prague  and  High Gates, the church of St. Bartholomew , the Hus Square, the Rabas Gallery and the District Museum etc.  

Statistical data

Number of inhabitants: 16 147
Minimum altitude: 315 m
Maximum altitude: 387 m
Cadastral acreage: 1680 ha
Residential density: 873 inhabitants / km2


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